Friday, January 1, 2010

Club Epic's Mini Mall is Hosting

'its On The Christmas Tree'

Club Epic's Mini Mall is hosting its first Grid Wide Hunt this Christmas. The hunt will be limited to 50 shops with great gifts for its hunters.

The "its On The Christmas Tree" will start on December 1st and continue until December 31st.

Keep posted of this blog for more information about the shops who will be part of the 'its On The Christmas Tree' hunt.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its On The Christmas Tree Hunt Locations

Starting Point: Club Epic Mini Mall
[OTCT] 02 Poetry Melody + rakan-Where will I wash my hand if there is no lavatory?
[OTCT] 03 Alexohol Fashions
[OTCT] 04 FRAMED-Find a nice place to rest
[OTCT] 06 #Before Sleep#
[OTCT] 07 Happy Birthday Rex Day
[OTCT] 08 Bella's Accessories
[OTCT] 09 Passionate Neko
[OTCT] 10 *DWB* Designs
[OTCT] 11 Magically Aluring
[OTCT] 12 Icarus Home and Lighting-Everyone should dress like Hottie Santa
[OTCT] 13 Rogue Designs
[OTCT] 14 Fire Good!!!
[OTCT] 15 Ruth's Creations
[OTCT] 16 Abundantia
[OTCT] 17 .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:.-What's on TV
[OTCT] 18 Gestures by Nykeria
[OTCT] 20 ErotiXXX Gestures
[OTCT] 21 Lurve
[OTCT] 22 Orctime & Hestias house of...
[OTCT] 23 D&V Creations-a castle bedroom would be wonderful for the set I am near
[OTCT] 24 Holiday Bliss
[OTCT] 25 Tree house Treasures-thanks to Dazy Hammill and her daughter we now know to look behind the bed.
[OTCT] 26 Sky Home Oase
[OTCT] 27 Temptations Gallery
[OTCT] 28 ^V^Gothic Twist^V^
[OTCT] 29 ChaosSun's Creations
[OTCT] 30 saris creations
[OTCT] 31 ***2u*** Sweet Neko-Look at the Kittenboxes
[OTCT] 32 *~* Sunshine Design *~*
[OTCT] 33 Kariad Kards
[OTCT] 34 Cheek Lemon
[OTCT] 35 ~*~Hydration Inc.~*~
[OTCT] 36 Pillow Dreams "Pillows"
[OTCT] 37 Rev-Enj Designz
[OTCT] 38 ~LilyPads~
[OTCT] 39 Joes Ink
[OTCT] 40 Kabuki Creations
[OTCT] 41 DragonLady Designs-It's on the Tree. Well it's more like a in-door plant.
[OTCT] 42 La Belle Dame Sans Merci
[OTCT] 43 Trixxy's Shop
[OTCT] 44 Bound & Bitten
[OTCT] 45 Teagan's
[OTCT] 46 Kerhop Seattle-Stairs
[OTCT] 47 Brass in Pocket
[OTCT] 48 Ayiki Swimwear-you can find it with your eyes closed
[OTCT] 49 BalAni-I Look like a capital A, Like the one in the logo
[OTCT] 50 P A S A R E L L A-What a beautiful Christmas Tree!

[OTCT] 51 ..:: Tail Chaserz ::.. - Bonus

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello everyone...i'm glad to be participating in this [OTCT] HUNT. I have made a special pose and will be giving it out as a gift during the HUNT. So happy hunting all and lots of luck. ~ Naku Nishi of Kabuki Creations.

Thank you and best regards

Naku Nishi

BalAni Men's Fashion

BalAni offers quality and accessible preppy and relax men's wear: gorgeous argyle vests, skull hoodies, sweaters, funny tshirts, polos, jeans, shorts and MORE.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Trixxy's Shop

Hi :)

I got the folder for the OTCT hunt and here's my notecard :)

Trixxy's Shop - I sell clothing, skins, shoes & accessories...just about anything for men & woman with an urban touch. I also have urban style furniture and buildings.dd

Trixxy Oh

Tree House Treasures

Come wander through my garden where I sell Tree Houses and residential abodes. Relax a while on the many whimsical creations along the way.

Saris Creation's

Womens cloth, casual, chic, gotic, hunt, roleplay, retro, hippie, sari, jewels and tattoos. We also have MM board, Lucky Chairs, 7 Seas Fishing.

"you will still get a..."

hug saris