Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello everyone...i'm glad to be participating in this [OTCT] HUNT. I have made a special pose and will be giving it out as a gift during the HUNT. So happy hunting all and lots of luck. ~ Naku Nishi of Kabuki Creations.

Thank you and best regards

Naku Nishi

BalAni Men's Fashion

BalAni offers quality and accessible preppy and relax men's wear: gorgeous argyle vests, skull hoodies, sweaters, funny tshirts, polos, jeans, shorts and MORE.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Trixxy's Shop

Hi :)

I got the folder for the OTCT hunt and here's my notecard :)

Trixxy's Shop - I sell clothing, skins, shoes & accessories...just about anything for men & woman with an urban touch. I also have urban style furniture and buildings.dd

Trixxy Oh

Tree House Treasures

Come wander through my garden where I sell Tree Houses and residential abodes. Relax a while on the many whimsical creations along the way.

Saris Creation's

Womens cloth, casual, chic, gotic, hunt, roleplay, retro, hippie, sari, jewels and tattoos. We also have MM board, Lucky Chairs, 7 Seas Fishing.

"you will still get a..."

hug saris

La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Couture

As a R/L designer dressmaker I aim to make affordable, original and stylish clothes for ladies who want to stand out for the right reasons... and all outfits come with shoes included in the price! I have several ranges to cover most people's needs, from Medieval/Fantasy, to Hollywood vintage inspired, to modern City Chic. I use original textures, with hand drawn details, and take pride in making you look lovely...

D & V

We take pride in brining you good quality items at reasonable prices. Providing buildings, furniture and much more for our customers. We also stand behind our work and offer custom builds.

Gothic Twist

for your DARK Gothic Abode!

DragonLady Designs

Amazing Artwork, profesionally framed. Discounts for multi-themed purchases. Erotic art, fantasy art, dragon art, dragon tattos, Chinese Art, fine art, digital art, photography, Egyptian art, western art, Japanese art, posters, children's art, frames, neon art & business signs, artistic rugs, and more.

Now featureing a full line of ladies clothing at DragonLady's Closet (Uper Floor at Main Gallery)

Looking ofr something you don't see? Have a picture you would like custom framed? JUST ask! Custom work available on request. We also framing of portrait work.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Womens and Mens clothes. Nekos and Tiny... Kids, Ballgowns, Mini Skirts, Shirts, Pants, Boots, Shoes, Silks, Jewelery, Tail & Ears Sets.

also features MM Boards, Lucky Chairs and 7 Seas Fishing.

Kerhop's Innovations

Kerhop's Innovations features business and personal gadgets to sort textures (Catergorize), monitor appointments (RedindaTime HUD), obtain customer feedback (Survey Questionaire Kiosk), marketing strategy (Visitor Source Tracker), virtual walls with lighting (EnviroMood II) and surveillance sensorts (Traffic Statistics).


What will yoyu discover today among our uniquie panoply of numerous differetn items?

Let this splendidly striking impressive exhibition of sundries astonish you and yours.

See the array of our accumulation in this steadily increasing miscellaneous collection!

Monday, November 16, 2009

#Before Sleep#

Offers an eclectic mix from dresses, jeans, texutres, furniture and a few things in between!